Webinar's 2020-21


Date: 17th November 2020
Topic: Preterm Labour

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17th October Webinar

Topic: BSOG Webinar
Time: Oct 17, 2020 03:00 PM India

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30th September Webinar

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Topic: BSOG- Webinar - Gynecological and Breast Cancer
Time: Sep 30, 2020 03:00 PM India
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Webinar on 31st August 2020 from 3.00-5.00pm.

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Bangalore Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology had arranged a web CME on 31st August, 2020 from 3 pm to 5 pm. President, Dr. Thejavathy moderated the program and welcomed the Guests of Honor and chairpersons.
Guests of Honour for the program were Dr. Mandakini Megh, Chairperson, ICOG and Dr. Sheela Mane, past Vice President, FOGSI. Dr. Mandakini  expressed her wish that all gynaecologists to attain the ICOG membership or fellowship and thus, FICOG degree. She said that all the instructions and details regarding the same are uploaded in ICOG website regarding the enrollment.
Dr. Asha Baxi was the guest speaker and she delivered a talk on “ Management of IDA in Obstetric practice: Expert opinion in2020”. Dr Mohini N Prasad, past president of BSOG and Dr. Indira C Reddy chaired this talk session. The talk was well received. This was followed by very interactive and interesting discussion.
The second session was panel discussion. Moderators of the panel were  Dr. Jyothika A Desai and Dr. Prakash Mehta, both past presidents of BSOG. The 5 panelists were Dr. Sujini BK, Dr. jayanthy T. Dr. Annamma Thomas, Dr, Poornima Ramesh and Dr. Sunuta Mahesh.  Panel topic was “common yet enigmatic clinical situations in pregnancy”.  4 clinical cases discussed in detail were –

  1. Epilepsy in pregnancy
  2. Acute abdomen in pregnancy
  3. Fever in pregnancy ( Rubella was discussed at length)
  4. APH

Panelists and moderators gave a lot of input and practical useful tips to the participants. Questions of the participants were answered by the moderators
Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar , Hon. Secretary delivered the vote of thanks and she sent Onam festival wishes to all.
There were about 150 participants. The program was appreciated by all.
The clinical event was sponsored by Emcure Pharma.
                                                            - Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar
                                                               Hon. Secretary, BSOG

Date: 6th August 2020
Timings: 5.30 pm - 7.15 pm
meeting ID: 88904037488
passcode: DOXINATE
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Bangalore Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Web CME

Date  - 6th August 2020, 5.30 pm to 7.15 pm.

The webinar was attended by 140 members. It had 2 sessions, the first session consisted of two talks and second session was a panel discussion.
The first session was chaired by Dr. Shobhana Patted, President of KSOGA and Dr. Vatsala Kamath, President of Mangalore OBG Society. The guests of the honour for the webinar were the Dr. Kamini Rao and Dr. Hema Divakar.

The first talk was by Dr. Thejavathy, President of BSOG on a very common problem in pregnancy. The topic was “ Doxylemine in morning sickness- How effective” She briefed about various drugs used in the treatment of morning sickness, their safety and the current evidence based recommendation which was very informative to all. The second talk was by Dr. Tarini Taneja about something new, ie., “ Ovarian rejuvenation.” It was a interesting talk and appreciated by all. She said it was subject of future research and needs more studies.  This was followed by expert comments by guests of honour and the chairpersons of the session.

The second session was a panel discussion on ‘Save the Uterus” moderated by Dr. Sundari N and Dr. Latha Venkataram. The panellists were from BSOG and other societies of Karnataka. Dr. Muralidhar Pai, Dr. B Ramesh, Dr. Lakshmi Pavana, Dr. Madhu, Dr. Sumaiya Firdose and Dr. Shanthala. The case scenario were well framed. It was very interactive session with lots of inputs from panellists. The entire program was appreciated by all and the program concluded with vote of thanks from Dr. Mahesh Koregol.

Webinar on PCOS and Preterm Labour
4th July 2020
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We had a clinical webinar on 4th July , Saturday, 4 to 6 pm, on the topic of “PCOS and Preterm Labour”, sponsored by Senora division of Sun Pharma.

The webinar focussed on PCOS and infertility.  We had two sessions, the first session consisted of two talks and second session was a panel discussion.

The first session was chaired by Dr. Thejavathy, President BSOG. The first speaker was Dr. Aviva Pinto Rodrigues, who spoke on  “Regularizing menstrual cycle before infertility treatment in PCOS”- How effective? She clarified the members  in which situations it would be beneficial and where it would not make any difference.

The second talk  “Ovulation induction in PCOS “ was by Dr. Madhuri Patil where she focussed maily on normal and IVF cycles and briefly touched on assisted techniques. The talks were appreciated by all..  

The panel discussion  was on “Prevention and Management of Preterm Labour” moderated by Dr. Susheela Rani and experts were Dr. Malini K. V, Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar, Dr. Sugunadevi the Sonologist,  Dr. Rajanish Samal and Dr. Shubha Ramarao.The questions were all very practical and practice oriented. It was very informative and the webinar was attended by  170 attendees.

The programme was concluded by Vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Mahesh Koregol.

Date: 24th June , 2020
Timings: 4.00-5.00PM
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Dr. Thejavathy G V , President, BSOG, invited all to the very  first scientific virtual session of the year, a webinar on Vaccination in Pregnancy on 24th July 2020, sponsored by GSK . The session included two talks on vaccination. Dr. Jyothika Desai was the chairperson for the session.

Dr. Thejavathy, President BSOG introduced the chairperson and requested her to take the session forward. Dr. Jyothika introduced the first speaker, Dr. Sheela Mane, who spoke on Vaccination in Women”    She said that vaccination greatly reduces 3 D’s – disease, disability and death. She explained the different vaccines required at different stages of life, like adolescence, preconception, pregnancy, postnatal period, adults and elderly women. She described about various preventable illnesses like mumps, measles , rubella and chickenpox  and their impact in pregnancy. She also spoke on HPV vaccine and said that it can reduce the incidence of carcinoma cervix in the world to the extent of 90%. The second talk was on “ 3 in 1 vaccination in pregnancy – Tdap vaccine” given by Dr. Thejavathy.  She elaborated on Pertussis and its burden on our country.  She made us aware about the alarming situation that, with average of more than 30,000 repeated cases each year, India ranks number 1 in the world. She made the fact clear that Tdap vaccine is most preferred in third trimester ( between  28 – 36  gestational weeks  of each pregnancy) as placental transfer of  IgG is maximum in third trimester . Tdap vaccination if given in this period,  also remarkably reduces neonatal and infant acute URI’s. She made a remark that FOGSI recommends the second dose of T T to be replaced by Tdap.

Both the talks were very informative and appreciated by all, this was followed by question and answer session moderated by Dr. Jyothika Desai. Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar, Hon. Secretary, BSOG, delivered the vote of thanks.  The webinar was attended by 110 members.

Date:1st July,
Doctor's Day
FOGSI celebrates Doctor's Day
From 2.00 pm - 5.30 pm

  1. Prayer (5 min)
  2. welcome and vision of FOGSI..... Dr Alpesh Gandhi (10 min)

Be a blood and Organ donor. All it costs is a little love.


  1. Eye Donation: India needs the most....... (15 min)
  2. The science of Whole Body Donation (15 Min)
  3. Blood Donation: Saves the life - Hematologist (15 Min)
  4. Myths and Misbelieves of organ donation
  5. Declaring results of Poster competition.......(5 Min)

Session: 2

  1. Celebrity-'e message- (10 min)
  2. Panel Discussion: Organ Donation- Let us Live after Death. (50 Min)
  3. Best 3 Skits on organ donation / Each of 2 min- (8 min)
  4. Pledge taking for organ donation - Celebrity - (2 min)
  5. Displaying names of all those who will take written pledge before 12.00 noon, 1st July (5 min)

Session: 3

Adopting A Child (15min)

  1. Adoption Law in India (5 min)
  2. Adoption centres, process and responsibilities. (5 min)
  3. Adoption of a child for social issues like health, Education etc (5 min)


# Main Nahi Darungi initiative: overview campaign on social media - (5 min) (FOGSI & PAC)
Q & A - (15 min)
Vote of Thanks (5 min)

Date: 14th June
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COVID 19 : Pregnancy Fetal Care, & Obstetric Anaesthesia
Date: 30th May 2020
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Date: 15TH JUNE 2020
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Date: 10th June
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You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

Topic: Heart disease in Pregnancy
When: Jun 6, 2020 02:15 PM India

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26th May 2020
In Association with Food, Drugs, Medico Surgical Equipments Committee FOGSI..
'Shield Connect' invites you to the next online CME.

Prof Vidya Thobbi

Dr Ameya Purandare
Prof Muralidhar V Pai
Dr Rekha Rajendrakumar

When: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 04:00 PM India
Topic: Microbiomes in ObGyn: Uncovering the Unknown
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Meeting ID: 890 6364 4405
Password: 906292

27th May 2020
Environmental Day Celebration
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