Publications by members

  • Dr. Kamini Rao has written more than 50 text and reference books.
    Obstetric Emergencies and Gynaecological Emergencies ( 2019) by Dr. Kamini A Rao & Dr. Vyshnavi Rao. click here

  • Obstetric Hemorrhage - Evidence Based Management and Rescent Advances - Editor Sheela Mane, Dr. Shobha Gudi Co-Editor , Dr. Priyanka Dilip Kumar click here

  • Laparoscopic Myomectomy and its pregnancy outcome in infertile patients - Dr. Vidya Bhat (2019)

  • Dr. Shanthala authored Kannada Science Fiction "3019AD" is being launched on digital platform- MyLang Digital Books in January alongside 2 other famous Kannada authors. click here

  • Dr.Sundari Nandyala published a book on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (2016).

  • Obstetric Protocol - by Dr. L Krishna (2013, Jaypee Bros medical publications)

  • Anirudha R Podder, Jyothi G Seshadri - Coauthored a book titled "Atlas of Difficult Gynecological Surgery" published by Springer. ISBN 978-981-13-8172-0. ISBN [e Book] 978-981-13-8173-7.

  • Dr.Sundari Nandyala published a book on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (2016). click here

  • Vidya V Bhat:

    • Authored a Chapter on -Drilling the Ovaries: What is the Latest Evidence? in the book Decoding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) 2018
    • KASOGA Newsletter on Emergencies in Obstetrics (2017)
    • Authored chapter on Basic Electrocautery- Monopolar and Bipolar in IAGE Newsletter (2016)
  • Dr. Vyshnavi A Rao

    • Contributed chapters to 4th edition of Infertility Manual
    • Contributed Chapter to Principles and Practice of ART
    • Co- Editor Textbook of Obstetric Emergencies 3rd Edition
Journal Publication

Divakar's Speciality Hospital

  • Menstrual Health and Hygiene- Study of Knowledge Attitudes and Practices of Obgyns on Usage of Menstrual Cups - Hema Divakar, Rita Singh, Poorni Narayanan, Divakar G.V., Raksha Suvarna  (Original Research -Evid. Based Med. Healthc., pISSN- 2349-2562, eISSN- 2349-2570/ Vol. 7/Issue 8/Feb. 24, 2020)

  • Global interim guidance on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) during pregnancy and puerperium from FIGO and allied partners: Information for healthcare professionals - Poon - - International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics - Wiley Online Library  - Liona C. Poon,Huixia Yang ,Anil Kapur , Nir Melamed ,Blami Dao ,Hema Divakar ,H. David McIntyre ,Anne B. Kihara ,Diogo Ayres‐de‐Campos ,Enrico M. Ferrazzi ,Gian Carlo Di Renzo ,,Moshe Hod,First published:04 April 2020,

  • Towards a global consensus on GDM diagnosis: Light at the end of the tunnel? - Gynaecological Obstetrics - FIGO WILEY PUBLICATIONS. MARCH 2020 - Anil Kapur,H. David McIntyre,Hema Divakar,Gian Carlo Di Renzo4,Anne Beatrice Kihara,Fionnuala McAuliffe,Mark Hanson.Ronald C. Ma,Moshe Hod,  FIGO Working Group on Hyperglycemia in Pregnancya

  • THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ORAL HAEMATINIC SYRUP IN CORRECTING IRON DEFICIENCY ANAEMIA IN PREGNANT AND POSTPARTUM WOMEN - Divakar H, Singh R, Narayanan P, et al. The effectiveness of oral haematinic syrup in correcting
    iron deficiency anaemia in pregnant and postpartum women. (Orginal Research article - J. Evid. Based Med. Healthc., pISSN- 2349-2562, eISSN- 2349-2570/ Vol. 6/Issue 8/Feb. 25, 2019)

St John's Medical College Hospital

Kuppum Medical College Hospital

  • Maternal and perinatal outcome during expectant management of severe pre-eclampsia between 24 & 34 weeks of gestation -FOGSI Published   (July – Aug 2012)62(4):413-418 – By Dr.N.Shailaja, Dr.Swamy MK, Dr.Patil.K

  • A one year cross sectional study of maternal and fetal outcome in booked and referred cases Biomedicine accepted    - Biomedicine – vol.33;No.1: January-March2013 ( 57 – 64)By Namrata Kulkarni, B.Shyamasundara Bhat, Lingegowda Krishna & N.Shailaja

  • Unruptured 16weeks tubal (ampullary)pregnancy- A case report – Journal of Biomedicine accepted    - Biomedicine – vol.30;No.1: January-March2010 ( 106 – 107)

    -By Linge Gowda Krishna, Ningappa Shivanagutti Vishwanath, Nageshu Shailaja

  • A rare case of huge adenomyosis mimicking fibroid uterus weighing 2kgs –journal of Biomedicine – vol.31;No.3: August  2011 ( 415-417)- By Prof.Linge Gowda Krishna, Dr.Nageshu Shailaja , Dr.Kusuma Naik, Dr.Pradeep, Dr.Namrata

  • A rare case of Isolated Clitoral Neurofibroma presenting as painless Clitoromegaly  - Biomedicine – vol 30; No.4:2010(596 – 599)- By Prof.Linge Gowda Krishna, Dr.Nageshu Shailaja ,Dr.D.Tara, Dr.Nusrat.A.Havaldar, Dr.S.Pradeep, Dr.Sheetal Rao.B

  • To compae and evaluate the efficacy and safety of drotaverine, alethamate bromide and the combination of both the drugs - Biomedicine:2013; 33(3): 318 – 324 by R.Srujana, N Shailaja, Lingegowda Krishna, Namrata Kulkarni, Prabhleen Kaur and B.Shyamasundara Bhat

  • A comparative diagnostic evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding by hysteroscopy and transvaginal sonography – Biomedicine: 2013; 33(3): 383 – 387 by P.Pallavi, Lingegowda Krishna, Nusrat.A.havaldar, N. Shailaja, A.Saravana and Pradeep.S.

  • A rare case of vaginal myomectomy of huge cervical fibroid

    Biomedicine: 2014; 34(2): 264 – 266 By Prof.Linge Gowda Krishna, Dr.Kulkarni Namrata, Dr.Nageshu Shailaja ,Dr.Ashok Sangavikar Pallavi , Dr.Salicheemala Bhuvaneswari and Dr. Chandrasekar Swetha

  • Outcome of a rare case of Fetal Solitary Cardiac Rhabdomyoma not Associated with Tuberous Sclerosis

    Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, April-June 2014; Volume 8(2): 226 - 228 By Dr.Nageshu Shailaja , Dr.Kulkarni Namrata Prof.Linge Gowda Krishna, ,Dr. Vanishree, Dr.B.S.Bhat, Dr.Krishna Kirtan, Dr.Gunda Swathi

  • An interesting case of undiagnosed conjoined twins – A Case report

    Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, July – septmber  2015; Volume 9(3): 327 - 330 By Dr.Nageshu Shailaja Prof.Linge Gowda Krishna, , Dr.B.S.Bhat, Dr.Krishna Kirtan, Dr.Divyasree Doopadapalli

  • A study of prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among pregnant women and its impact on feto maternal outcome

    International Journal of reproduction, contraception, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, April  2016; Volume 4(4): 1174 - 1180 By Dr.Nageshu Shailaja Prof.Linge Gowda Krishna, , Dr.B.S.Bhat, Dr.Krishna Kirtan, Dr.H.R.Suma, Dr. Surekha Reddy

  • Predictors for voiding dysfunction following extensive vaginal pelvic reconstructive surgery Tsia-Shu Lo MD a,b,c, Nagashu Shailaja MD d,e , Wu-Chiao Hsieh MD e,b Ma. Clarissa Uy-Patrimonio,MD e,f, International Journal of Urogynaecology July 2016


Radhakrishna Multispecialty Hospital

  • Laparoscopic Management Of Ovarian Dermoid Cysts In Young And Adolescents Women. Dr. Vidya V Bhat And Dr. Yoga Lakshmi SK- International Journal Of Clinical Obstetrics And Gynaecology 2019; 3(1): 04-06

  • Retrospective Analysis Of Hysteroscopy And Hysterosalpingography: Combined Procedure As A First Line Infertility Work Up Dr. Vidya V Bhat, Dr. Rutuja Athawale, Dr. Sujatha Venkatraman- IOG Volume 9, No. 2, Apr - Jun, 2019 (26-30)

  • Laparoscopic Myomectomy And Its Pregnancy Outcome In Infertile Patients Dr.. Vidya V Bhat And Dr.. Namita Nand Kumar Raut- International Journal Of Clinical Obstetrics And Gynaecology 2019; 3(6): 96-98

  • The Role Of Hysteroscopy Used As A Diagnostic Tool In The Evaluation Of Postmenopausal Bleeding And Its Management Strategies. Dr. Vidya V Bhat, Dr. Yoga Lakshmi S. K- PARIPEX-INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH Volume : VII, Issue : X, October – 2018(50-51)

  • Changing Trends In Incidence Of Ureteric Injury In Difficult Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomies After Retroperitoneal Ureteric Dissection: Our 12 Years Experience. Dr. Vidya V. Bhat, Dr. Rutuja Athawale, Dr. Archana Kori –IOG Volume 8, No.3, Jul-sep, 2018 (34-37)

  • Outcome Of Laparoscopic Surgeries During Pregnancy For Non-obstetric Emergencies. Vidya V. Bhat, Sunitha H. B., Ravishankar Bhat, Nisha E., K. M. Guddy- IJRCOG Vol 5, No 9 (2016) 3022-26

  • Outcome Of Fertility And Pregnancy Following Hysteroscopic Resection Of Septum Using Versapoint Needle. Vidya V. Bhat, Indr.Anil Dutta, B.S. Bhat, Dilip Kumar Dutta - Asian Journal Of Medical Sciences | May-jun 2015 | Vol 6 | Issue 3 63-65

  • Treatment Analysis Of Transcervical Resection Of Endometrium (Tcre) In Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (Hmb): A Prospective Multicentre Theraupetic Study In Indian Scenario. Vidya V Bhat, Neha Palo Chandel, R S Bhat, Sidharth S Chandel-indian Journal Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology, January-march 2015;2(1):28-35

  • Retrospective Analysis Of Outcomes Of Hysteroscopic Morcellation And Conventional Resectoscopy Of Uterine Submucous Myomas In Indian Subcontinent - A Multicentre Comparative Study. Dr.. Vidya V Bhat, Dr.. Neha P Chandel, Dr.. Dinesh As, Dr.. Sidharth S Chandel- Iog Volume 5, No. 2, Apr - Jun, 2015(25-28)

M.S. Ramaiah Medical College

  • C Raja Illavarasi, G S Jyothi [Corresponding Author], Nanda Kishore Alva. Study of the Efficacy of Pipelle Biopsy Technique to Diagnose Endometrial Diseases in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding- Journal of Midlife Health. Vol 10: Issue 2 ; April – June 2019. Pages 75-80.

  • Anirudha R Podder, Jyothi GS " Birth Asphyxia and Birth Injuries in Viable Term Neonates: Obstetrician's Role " JSAFOG, Oct- Dec 2018: 10 (4); 253-257.

  • Apeksha Kumar, Jyothi G Seshadri [Corresponding Author], Nandagudi S Murthy. "Correlation of Anthropometry and Nutritional Assessment on Menstrual Cycle Patterns" published in JSAFOG, Oct- Dec 2018: 10 (4); 263-269.

  • Jyothi G. S., Anannya Chakraborty, Asha Swarup. A study of feto-maternal outcome of jaundice in pregnancy. International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2018 July;7(7):2628-2633. pISSN 2320-1770 | eISSN 2320-1789.

  • Anirudha Rohit Podder & G. S. Jyothi. Rising Cesarean Section Rates: A Tertiary Hospital Perspective. Research article. JSAFOG, Oct to Dec 2017; 9 (4): 419-425.

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  • Bhavya Aravind Rao, Jyothi G Seshadri [Corresponding Author],Chethana Thirthahall. Impact of Health Education on HPV Vaccination. Indian Journal of Gynecological Oncology, September 2017, 15; 41.First published online 30 June 2017.Issue -DOI 10.1007/S40944-017-0134-0 :

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Rajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital

  • Nagarathnamma Perspective & practice  of contraception in women, ,Journal of South Asian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
     January – March  2016;8(1):16-20, P-0974 -8938E-0975-6434
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