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The concept of ObGyn Watch was born way back in 2000, precisely 15 years ago, when it dawned on me that several vital aspects of our specialty such as emerging technologies, newer drugs and devices and ground breaking research were not covered in our scientific meetings, conferences and CMEs either because of lack of time or lack of priority.  Nonetheless, their importance and impact on the practice of our discipline could not be ignored. I thought we needed a forum in BSOG to highlight these developments in our own as well as in allied fields to update our knowledge.

I requested the then executive committee of the BSOG to allot me a 10 minute-slot in our meetings to make my presentation. The fundamental idea was to give as much information as possible in the form of ‘edutainment’, a combination of education and entertainment within the 10 minute window.  Initially, it was decided to form a committee of four ( Dr Hema Divakar, Dr Prakash Mehta , Dr Gomathy and myself) to share the presentations. The first round of four presentations was a resounding success, but for various reasons, this format could not be continued. My first edition of ObGW in 2000 contained information on blood transfusion substitutes, the Genome project and designer baby, the CLASP study on aspirin etc.

I realised that such presentations take certain degree of alertness, constant vigilance, scouring of enormous amount of literature, both medical and non medical and selecting shrewdly what the audience might appreciate and use in their practice.. An ObGW bank had to be set up and striking images had to be gathered to pep up the presentations. The discarded material far exceeded the topics which were presented.  My initial request for contribution from BSOG members backfired because some did not relish the idea of their contribution being left out or even edited. There have been several interruptions, not because of my unwillingness but because I was not invited to continue. There have been presentations on specific themes (Nanotechnology, Future of contraception, medicolegal aspects and the ageing process in humans). While I was not available, Dr Jayanthy, Dr Arulmozhi and Dr Jyotika have graciously stood in for me. They did a remarkable job in my absence and I must thank them. I invite them to add their presentations to this collection.

When I look back, I realise that apart from providing some entertainment, the ObG Watch has undoubtedly enriched our collective knowledge base. Many therapies which are routine today (eg: low dose aspirin for early PIH and Steroids for fetal lung maturity) were discussed in this forum when they were mere experimental concepts or in the nascent stages. We have also looked at the interesting historical past as well as the exciting future of medicine more than once.

It is indeed gratifying to be appreciated and I am grateful to BSOG for having offered me this privilege year after year. I have been asked to upload all the past editions of OBGW on the BSOG website. My thanks to the present president and the executive committee for this honour.

Dr Narayanan R

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