Membership Information

arrow-mark  Eligibility to become a member : MBBS / Post Graduatation

arrow-mark  Types of Memberships


Registration fees

Ordinary membership – New




Life membership


Post graduates


Associate Member *


Senior members *

Free membership*

arrow-mark  * Cheque/DD in favour of “BSOG Membership”

arrow-mark  * Associate members get all  the informations about BSOG activities, but they are not eligible to participate in the General Body meetings and Elections of       the society.

arrow-mark  * Senior members will not be getting any journals from FOGSI, nor any correspondence from FOGSI or any ballot paper from FOGSI. They will not be getting       FOGSI MEMBERSHIP Numbers also.

arrow-mark  But they continue to be BSOG member, and will be getting all correspondence from BSOG.

arrow-mark  Senior members can pay Rs.600/- and get entitled for all FOGSI Correspondence and other considerations.

arrow-mark   Every year Renewal - December

arrow-mark   Last date for Membership Renewal is 31stAugust

arrow-mark  Registration after january may not get FOGSI journals