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arrow-mark Let's celebrate the FOGSI President Dr Nandita Palshetkar's initiative on "FOGSIANS Our Family our pride Week"
arrow-mark About our first friends: our Family who are always by our side.
arrow-mark It's our pleasure to honour and acknowledge any of our FOGSIANs Family members about

  • Important moments, of family
  • Milestones of family
  • Achievements of family
arrow-mark Lets acknowledge their Achievements and Felicitate our Hidden heroes, our first Friends Our Family.
arrow-mark Please send us a short summary in about 250 words of your family members, In the following format
  1. Name of the doctor
  2. Society name
  3. Fogsi membership number
  4. date of birth
arrow-mark I am a proud FOGSIAN, I have Our Family Our Pride Moment / Milestone/ Achievement of my family...... contributed to....... in these ways
  • So that it can be projected and published
  • Send it by mail to:
arrow-mark Dr Nandita Palshetkar - President FOGSI
arrow-mark For details contact : Dr Charmila 9843177299 , Dr Rakhi 9810253140