Mile Stones


1968 – The first ObG Society in Karnataka was born as the 26th member of FOGSI
1978 – Karnataka State Obstetrics & Gynecology Association (KSOGA) Conference
1979 – 23rd AICOG in Bangalore
1979 – Birth of BSOG Logo
1980 – BSOG Building Fund
1988 – 1st IVF Baby – Dr.Sulochana Gunasheela
1990 – Dr. Sulochana Gunasheela – Rajyotsava Award
1991 – First live operative video Conference
1992 – Joint Convention of AICC-RCOG-BSOG
1993 – BSOG Silver jubilee conference
1994 – KSOGA Conference in Bangalore
- Life Membership was Introduced.
1997 – Dr Kamini Rao – Senior Vice president, FOGSI
-Dr Kamini Rao – Rajyotsava Award
1999 – KSOGA Conference in Bangalore
2000 – ISOPARB Conference
– Dakshin Conference
– Dr Kamini Rao – President, FOGSI
2001 – FOGSI ‘Best Society’ Award
– Dr Nadkarni Rotating Trophy from FOGSI for the Best Society
– Dr Kamini Rao – Representative, AOFOG
– Dr. L Krishna – Dr.B C Roy Award
2002 – 18th Asia Oceanic Conference
2003 – 43rd AICOG Conference
- BSOG song was sung at the conference, Lyricist was Dr. Srimani Rajagopalan
– BSOG Website launched
– Dr Hema Divakar – Chairperson, Perinatology Committee FOGSI
– Dr Kamini Rao – Representative, FIGO
2004 – First BSOG Annual Conference ‘Gnanavarsha’
- Gnanavarsha - Annual Conference was introduced
- The term Gnanavarsha was coined by Dr. Srimani Rajagopalan
– First video conference from UK & Australia
– Dr. Padmini Prasad – Kempegowda Award
2005 – Acquired own BSOG Office at Seshadripuram
– Dr Hema Divakar – Senior Vice President FOGSI
– Dr. Vidyamani Lingegowda – Rajyotsava Award
2006 – DK Tank Award for exemplary work in Social & Community services
- Dr. Pushpa Srinivas, President, Dr. Sheela V Mane, Hon.Secretary
2008 – Dr Sheela Mane – Chairperson, Safe Motherhood Committee FOGSI
– Mehroo Hansotia Award for Best Committee
– Dr. Padmini Prasad – Golden Lamp Award from Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International
2009 – Dr Pushpa Srinivas – President, KSOGA
2010 – Dr Hema Divakar – President KSOGA
– EMOC Workshops conducted for the first time
– ‘Saving Mothers Awareness Program’ started
– Dr. Padmini Prasad – Rajyotasava Award
2011 – PG Forum and Safe Motherhood Committee started by BSOG
- Medico Legal Committee was formed
– Dr Kamini Rao – BC Roy Award
– Dr Jyothika Desai – South Zone FOGSI Quiz Coordinator
– ‘BSOG Team Bengaluru’ initiated under Dr Hema Divakar
– ‘Gestosis’Meet
- Best Teacher award was introduced
- BSOG Life Time Achievement Award was introduced
2012 – Dr Kamini Rao – FIGO Woman Achiever Award
– Dr B Ramesh – Karnataka Rajyotsava Award
– Dr Kamini Rao – Lifetime Acheivement Award, FOGSI
2013 – Dr Hema Divakar – President FOGSI
- BSOG Directory was released
- Dr. Ratnabai Morey memorial Day was introduced
- Dr. Sulochana Gunasheela Oration was introduced
– PHFI Regional Centre Certificate Course on GDM
– PHFI Regional Centre Certificate Course on Contraception in Clinical Practice
– Dr Chitralekha – BC Roy Award
2014 – ISOPARB Conference
– ‘Vision 20-22’ Conference
– Dr. Kamini Rao – Padmasri Award
– Dr Malini KV – Pratibha Puraskar
– Dr Malini KV – Best Woman Achiever Award, Government of Karnataka
– Dr Padmini Prasad – Woman Achiever Award by Woman Lawyers Association
2015 – Dr Hema Divakar – ‘FIGO Woman Achiever Award’
– Dr. U D Bafna – B C Roy Award
- Revamping of BSOG Website, and the website is Responsive.
– Dr. Pushpa Srinivas elected as President of AGOI
– Dr. Vidya V Bhat elected as IAGE Governing Council member
– Quiz for Under Graduate was conducted under the leadership of Dr. Jayanthy T at M S Ramaiah Medical College.
– Formation of Multi-Disciplinary Medico Legal Cell – ” Kavach” was initiated

President – Dr.Jayanthy T
Hon.Secretary – Dr. Mangala Devi K R
Compiled in the year 2015-16
Website Coordinator – Dr.Gomathy Narayanan & Dr.Shilpa G B

2016 – Dr. Bina Vasan was elected as Executive Member of ISAR
– Dr. Shanthala T was awarded with Kempegowda Award 2016 for the services in the Medical field on the occasion of Kempegowda Jayanthi
– Dr. Ashakiran T R and Dr. Revathi Rajan received Best All Rounder Yuva FOGSI Award.
– IAGE South Zone Conference – Endovision was organised at St. Johns Auditorium on 16th & 17th July. – Coordinator, Dr.Sheela C N & Dr. Vidya V Bhat.
- BSOG Proposal to host AICOG 2019 was accepted in the Managing Committee Meeting held on September 2016.
2017 – BSOG had its official Stall exhibit for AICOG 2019 in AICOG 2017 at Ahmedabad.
-Dr.Vidya Bhat is elected as the president of KSOGA 2017-18.
-Dr.Parimala Devi is elected as Execuive committee member of KSOGA 2017-19.
-Dr. Padmini Prasad received Kitturu Rani Channamma Award – Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Siddaramaiah gave away the award.
2018 - ISCCP conference was hosted by BSOG
            Organising Chairperson - Dr Bafna and Dr. Sundari N, Organising Secretary - Dr Chandrika Muralidhar.
- Dr. Shobha Gudi was elected as Chairperson FOGSI, Family Welfare Committee
- BSOG Celeberated its 50th year Birthday
- ICCOB conference under the aegis of FOGSI was hosted by BSOG.
   Dr. Shobha Gudi was the Organising Chairperson, Organising Secretary - Dr. Jyothi G.S.
2019 - BSOG hosted 62 AICOG Conference at Gayathri Vihar , Palace Grounds, Bengaluru.
           Organising Chairperson , Dr. Hema Divakar., Organisng Secretary - Dr. Sheela Mane. Patron - Dr. Kamini Rao
- Dr. Kamini A Rao was awarded with Life Time Achievement from FOGSI at AICOG 2019
- BSOG hosted Optimising Obstetric Outcome - FOGSI conference in July 2019
           Organising Chairpersons - Dr. Sheela Mane and Dr. Nagarathnamma.
2020 - IMSCON 2020 hosted by BMS in association with BSOG
           Organising Chairperson, Dr. Jyothika Desai.,
- Dr. Shobha Gudi elected as EC member from south zone for KSOGA 2020-22
- Dr. Sheela Mane, Dr. Madhuri Patil and Dr. Shobha Gudi were elected as ICOG Governing council Member 2021.
- Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar received Kittur Rani Chennamma award from Minister for women and children, Mrs. Shashikala Jolle.
- Dr. Chandrashekar YM is elected as Chairperson Urogynecology Committee, KSOGA
- Dr. Nagarathnamma R elected as Chairperson of Breast Committee KSOGA
- Dr. Manjula Patil elected as Jt. Secretary KSOGA
- Dr. Mahesh Koregol elected as Chairperson of IVF Endocrinology Committee KSOGA
- Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar elected as Chairperson, Infertility, ART committee, KSOGA
2021 - r. Kamini Rao & Dr. Shobha Gudi were conferred with KCOG Fellowship, Davangere,KSOGA
- Dr. Padmini Prasad received appreciation from KSOGA for conducting highest number of program in BSOG
- BSOG received second prize from FOGSI in FOGSI competition on cervical cancer elimination program
- BSOG received an appreciation award - 2nd Prize , Cervical Cancer Elimination - Mukth Bharth from FOGSI
- Dr. Sheela V Mane elected as ICOG Vice Chairperson Elect 2022-23