Symposium on Vaccination in women & Influenza in Pregnancy

Bangalore Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology conducted a clinical symposium on “ Immunization in women and Influenza in Pregnancy“ between 5pm to 6.30 pm on 16th March 2021.

The symposium comprised of two talks.

Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar welcomed the gathering and introduced the chairperson, Dr. Umadevi..

Dr. Umadevi, senior faculty of BSOG and senior ObG consultant and Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar, Hon. Secretary, BSOG, chaired the session.

Dr. Umadevi introduced the first speaker, Dr. Jyothika A Desai and Dr. Desai continued with her talk on “ Immunization in women”. She explicitly explained about each vaccine and its posology. Dr. Umadevi gave concluding remarks.

Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar introduced the second speaker Dr. Arnab Basak to the august audience. Dr. Basak’s deliberation was on the topic of “Influenza in pregnancy”. Dr. Arnab explained vividly about the disease, its influence on pregnancy and on the vaccine. He reiterated on the fact that influenza vaccine can be given in pregnancy, that too in any trimester.

Dr. Rekha thanked Dr. Arnab and concluded his talk.

Both the chairpersons conducted the interactive session well and all questions of the audience were answered satisfactorily.

Dr. Thejavathy, President, BSOG, and Dr. Rekha appreciated and thanked both the speakers and the chairpersons.

Dr. Shubha Ramarao, Vice President, BSOG, delivered vote of thanks and brought down the curtain and thus ending the program.

About 80 participants attended the scientific event and all appreciated the event.

The program was sponsored by Abbott India.


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